A Seriously Super-Girl

    You ever get the chance to meet someone who just does something so freakin’ amazing that you kind of forget how amazing it is until you’re reflecting back at it all – and then it hits you…”wow, that person is just really that awesome..”? Yeah, that happened to me this weekend, and I’m just so glad that I was able to gift her with some portraits that she can use to further her work of…well, awesomeness.

    This weekend…I…hung out…with…SUPERGIRL!!!!!

    Supergirl had people honking, parking their cars to taking photos, and two young men – Elders of the church – stopped to ask her a few questions. She created so many smiles Saturday morning just by being present. It was definitely encouraging when we live in a world that sometimes feels so heavy.

    Okay, so she has a real name, and it is Kendra. And Kendra really is that awesome. (I know I have overused awesome at this point – but I really haven’t because she REALLY IS AWESOME!) Kendra, and a troop of other superheroes dubbed Heroes 4 Hope based out of Alter Ego Comics in Lima, Ohio, regularly get together to bring joy and happiness to people all over the area.

    They are seriously the best people ever. I’ve had the opportunity to hang with them and take pictures at a few events, and the glee (had to make that reference – get it, Lima?) they bring to others is so inspiring. This organization is growing, and it’s awesome to watch it blossom into a serious force.