Feller Family at the Farm

It isn’t often you get to work with kids in a place built to play and learn, but that’s what I did nearly two years ago. I was a Museum Educator, and I was responsible for creating programs and working on ideas for a children’s museum in the area. That is where I met Ben and his two children. When I left my job at the museum, I made sure to add Ben to Facebook so I could keep in touch. I really fell in love with his son and daughter, and they were a family I knew I would miss. When Ben’s sister messaged me last Fall to set up not one – but two shoots – I was so excited!

During the Holiday Season, I met Kimberly and her son. We clicked because she wanted some lifestyle photos of him around the Christmas tree and during bath time!

Kimberly and her mom also set up a family shoot to be scheduled in the spring. Spring came fast, and here we are!

It was so awesome seeing these kids about two feet taller than they were! And baby had gotten so much bigger too! I had a blast just hanging out with this family – and that’s what my sessions are – we hang out. I got to hear about how Aiden, the little boy, is excited to start spelling his name and still loves Transformers. Sam, his sister, now has a boyfriend!!! And I talked comics and Marvel with their dad Ben. I can’t wait to do another session with this family, and I look forward to watching these kids grow up in front of my camera (that is, if their parents allow it!)


Dustin’s Done – and why I do what I do.

In September 2016, my husband, Dustin, was diagnosed with stage 3a colon cancer. It was probably one of the scariest days of my life. I will never forget the look on the doctor’s face when he gave us the news that they found a tumor in Dustin’s colon, and that it may be cancerous (and if not, pre-cancerous).

After 7 months of treatment – one month for surgery and recovery – and six for chemo, Dustin is finally done with it all. We haven’t gotten a remission label – yet, but we are looking forward to this new chapter.

Throughout this journey with the ugly “C” word, I fell in love with documentary style photography. I feel as if before I was just kind of there – snapping photos that looked good but didn’t have much meaning to myself. Now, I feel a passion that is driving me to work harder and better. I want to take what I’ve been doing personally for the last seven months and give my clients the memories and experiences I know they will cherish. So, invite me into your life for an hour or two, and I promise – you’ll love the end result.