Building a Family of Boss Babes

Being in the photography industry can sometimes be a little…competitive (to say the least). It feels discouraging some days when all you need is to talk to someone about editing, shooting, or what have you, and they’re states away online. Often times we hear these words “Community over Competition” being thrown out, but it can be difficult to follow if you’re having a hard time booking clients, see another photographer succeed when you are struggling, or a number of other reasons. Sometimes it is just really hard to put yourself into “check”.

However, I have found my little family, I think. I have one girl I went to high school with in Paulding County, and I adore her. We talk nearly daily, and her work is amazing. We work together often on weddings. Our children are the same age. I always recommend clients to her for boudoir. Andrea Schlueter and I often call each other “tog wives” – so obviously, I’m going to give her a shout out.

Another couple of ladies I’ve grown a little closer with in the last few months are Caitlin Zemlanski and Kambria Massie. We have children the same age, we’re photographers in the area, and we all love to help other small business succeed. So we went on this journey of planning a large group shoot with our girls (and I guess we’re doing it again – this time we will need a wine date after). But we’ve also created something else – we’ve created a space we can talk about business with each other. We can get and give advice. We can talk about mom things and business things in the same breath, and it’s really refreshing.

But, do you know what else I’m super excited about creating? An example. Not only for other area people in the same boat, but for my child. I’m so proud and excited that I can show her that women can be strong business owners, but I’m also super proud that I can show her that we can support and lift each other up – even if we are running the same type of business and may be “competition”. In the end, building a community that supports one another is way more important and good for the soul than being petty, dismissive, and passive to each other. We each have our own niche and we can shine and lift each other up.

I really am grateful for these women – Andrea, Caitlin, and Kambria. I’m not trying to be super mushy or anything – I’m just overjoyed that I’ve found my person(s).

Investing in Family Portraits – Why It’s Important

Sometimes it’s really hard to budget for photography – I get that. 

I really do. That’s a huge part of why I ever picked up my first DSLR – I wanted to be able to take photos of my own daughter. But the one thing I really can’t do is take photos of my own family. Sure, my husband can take photos of me and I can take photos of him and our daughter but it’s really difficult (even with a tripod, remote, and timer) to do one with all of us.

So, I have made it my mission to get photos take of us at least once a year. I can’t be a photographer and not actually have photos of my own family.

Here is why I think it’s super important – when I am older, when my daughter is older, where will my presence in her childhood be? Will it be documented? Or will I be the one always behind the camera (or phone)? I think it’s important to have photos of myself and with her for her. These are images that my grandchildren will have and their children. These are memories

Sometimes it’s really hard to budget for photography – I know I said that already. But it is. But it really is an investment. These are things that will be cherished not only by you to be hung on your walls but by your ancestors. Woah, right?

So I challenge you, if you are on the fence because of money – start setting aside a few dollars a week. Message me. Set up something. I’m super flexible. I offer payment plans. I want you to have memories to cherish. I want your children and grandchildren to know you were present.

Okay, so just twenty more pounds and then you’ll book, right?
Let me tell you a secret – your children, your husband, your family – they don’t see those pounds.

Get the session. When you see your photos, you’ll feel beautiful. And, when you kick ass at the gym and lose those twenty pounds, book another session JUST FOR YOU and we will rock that one like a friggin’ hurricane!

Your kid is just way too out of control and you’re afraid it’ll be too difficult to get a good photo.

*inches glasses down on nose* Y’all need to take my kiddo for a day and then come back at me with this. I know she looks perfect in photos but I promise she is the WORST model. One shoot – the one with the 4 other girls that we did in Lima – she sang the entire shoot…about poop and butts. Poop and butts. I love children. I am a teacher. And if we start shooting and your kiddo is a little rambunctious, that’s okay.


I digress. Talk to me. Message me on Facebook about your hesitations. If there is a will, there is a way – I promise. I am in this to get your memories documented and on your walls – just like mine.

Yes – that is a toy hanging out on my wall decor.

Photo by Andrea Schlueter Photographer

So my kiddo painted that artwork in the middle. The photo on the right is a piece I won from mpix – I love supporting other photographers!

My doggos!

This photo goes to show that memories live on. This is my grandpa’s Navy photo from the 1950s. Your grandchildren will have your photos on their walls – think about that!


A Seriously Super-Girl

You ever get the chance to meet someone who just does something so freakin’ amazing that you kind of forget how amazing it is until you’re reflecting back at it all – and then it hits you…”wow, that person is just really that awesome..”? Yeah, that happened to me this weekend, and I’m just so glad that I was able to gift her with some portraits that she can use to further her work of…well, awesomeness.

This weekend…I…hung out…with…SUPERGIRL!!!!!

Supergirl had people honking, parking their cars to taking photos, and two young men – Elders of the church – stopped to ask her a few questions. She created so many smiles Saturday morning just by being present. It was definitely encouraging when we live in a world that sometimes feels so heavy.

Okay, so she has a real name, and it is Kendra. And Kendra really is that awesome. (I know I have overused awesome at this point – but I really haven’t because she REALLY IS AWESOME!) Kendra, and a troop of other superheroes dubbed Heroes 4 Hope based out of Alter Ego Comics in Lima, Ohio, regularly get together to bring joy and happiness to people all over the area.

They are seriously the best people ever. I’ve had the opportunity to hang with them and take pictures at a few events, and the glee (had to make that reference – get it, Lima?) they bring to others is so inspiring. This organization is growing, and it’s awesome to watch it blossom into a serious force.